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Here at B-Electrical Australia we stock an extensive range of spare parts for laundry equipment to suit all branded washers, dryers and trolleys. Our knowledgeable staff can advise and quote price and availability over the phone or by email and we can ship all over Australia.

Please feel free to contact us below or call us on (08) 8337 7216 to speak to one of our helpful team about booking in for a service.

Common parts that need repairing
The most common parts on a washer or dryer to break down are;

  1. The motor
  2. Water pump
  3. Washer and dryer belt
  4. Gasket and seals
  5. Thermostat
  6. Water valve

The more often a machine gets used and with heavier loads the more wear and tear it produces onto the equipment. For any of these parts to break in a machine will cause it to either work inefficiently or not at all.

Did you know? We provide preventative maintenance programs to meet standards for accreditation.
To find out more call us on (08) 8337 7216 to learn more.

Spare Parts FAQ

Where do you ship parts to?

We sell parts all over South Australia with same day dispatch and posted via Australia Post Express service.

What is the ETA on ordered parts?

All ordered parts should be recieved within 1-3 working days Australia wide. Parts not in stock will experience delays, for more details please contact us on (08) 8337 7216

If you have not received your parts please contact (08) 8337 7216

What brands do you stock parts for?

Primarily we stock parts for our IPSO branded laundry equipment although these parts can also be used in other Alliance branded equipment such as Speedqueen and Primus.

We can also source parts for all brands as required at competitive rates.

Why should I order parts from B-Electrical Australia?

Instead of simply sending you parts, we will work with you to make sure the parts we are sending you are definitely what you need for your equipment.

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